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TikTok is a social network that offers you to create, share, and watch video content. It was created for users who want to express themselves with making spontaneous videos and sending them to their friends. The app is available on the Android mobile platform.

About TikTok Design

TikTok app is a favorite place for millions of young people. Its design is modern and stylish, but not vivid. Except for numerous colorful pictures, it offers users to decorate the app with their videos. You receive a place to be creative, without any limits. There are various filters that may help you with this. All you need is to record the video. However, if you are new to this app, it may take you some time to learn how it works since the accommodation of many features is not that intuitive. If you are an experienced Android user, there will be no problems.

TikTok Peculiarities

There are numerous cool features of the app. The main one is the ability to make and share videos with the whole world. The features you will appreciate:

  • You don’t have to create videos if you don’t like it. You can always watch millions of them, like, and share with others. Your favorite celebrities can make these videos;
  • There is a comfortable option that offers you the most popular videos by checking them out right after you enter the app. You may specify whether you want to watch videos of one or several categories like Gaming, Pets, Memes, Sports;
  • Users can create several videos at the same time;
  • TikTok celebrities are always there to inspire you with fresh videos;
  • There are multiple effects and tools for editing the video. Check out all the filters, AR objects, effects. If you don’t like the length, you can cut it. Besides, you may always improve the quality of the video you’ve made.


TikTok is not that hard to learn. However, there are multiple features offered. If you don’t want to miss anything, you have to take some time to press all the categories and all the buttons of the app. There are numerous tutorials on how to use the app more beneficial. Unfortunately, the buttons are not signed in the app, and some of them do not have standard symbols on them, so you can’t recognize it from the first glance.


  • Millions of videos to watch
  • Numerous tools to create videos
  • Free of charge.


  • Controls are not intuitive.

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