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Twenty million downloads. This record was set by Angry Birds 2 in the first week after release. The player is still required to load the feathered into a slingshot, pull back the rubber band, and smash the ingenious constructions of green pigs to the devil with a well-aimed shot.


The laws by which the world of birds and pigs lives have hardly changed. Here, the almost real physics of falling and flying objects still rules the ball.  If, say, the pigs' construction rests on wooden supports - go ahead, yellow bird! If you choose a classic red bird - it can demolish heavy objects with an energy wave.

Since we're talking about levels, there are 200 of them. They are divided into worlds, where the scenery and other details change. Of course, the difficulty will also increase. During the game, it is also worth considering that after restarting a level, the same structure that you saw before will not always appear. Even if you pass all 200 levels very quickly, then the game has an Arena that opens after passing level 25.

Graphics and Soundtrack

The developers redesigned the original product so much that they drool at the sight of a new picture. Let's start with dynamic weather conditions, which look great when bundled with different locations and their lighting. Further, the old textures of the destruction elements were replaced with new ones, and new effects were added to them. The soundtrack in Angry Birds 2 has improved dramatically compared to previous installments in the series. Melodies are more lively, and new sounds are more realistic.


The important differences between the second part and the first are changes in in-game mechanics. You are free to choose which bird to launch next. They are presented in the form of cards and during the level, you can get new ones. Management and control in the game is a simple slide (sliding your finger across the screen) in the direction you want. That is, such control reduces the entire gameplay to sometimes poking or not poking on the screen and getting some feedback.



  • The levels are longer and consist of several stages
  • Colorful graphics
  • Ease of controls
  • Good soundtrack


  • Online only
  • Takes up too much space for smartphones with 2 GB

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