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Nothing To Remember Review

Review by / 04 Jul 2022

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Rating: 4.5
Author: Guts United
Category: Action
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Strange murders are happening in the city, and the number of victims is rising. Sarah Carter is a police cybersecurity expert. Along with her new colleague Bill, she must stop the killer despite suspicious obstruction by the police command and dilemmas in her personal life as well.

At the same time, Jeremy Night, the father of the first victim, finds himself trapped and starts receiving strange messages from an unknown sender. How is it connected to the murders? What horrible things from the past haunt his nightmares? The end of this story depends on your choices.

- Realistic interaction with complex characters
- Two independent heroes acting at the same time
- Tracking a target using a map, breaking into houses, receiving calls, and solving the killer’s riddles
- Artistic photography and videos
- Deep psychological involvement in characters’ private lives
- The fates of the heroes and their relatives depend on your decisions

This is a very ambitious project from the founders of the interactive mobile thriller genre. Download it now!


PERMISSION TO READ AND WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE is required to download, store, and access game data, so you can watch video advertisements and receive in-game currency for free.

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