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Hello Neighbor is an adventure and survival game about a curious boy and an evil Neighbor. The boy gets into Neighbor's house ready to uncover all his secrets and has to open his basement. The game is available on numerous platforms, including Android mobile.

Peaceful Landscapes

Many players expect to see spooky and dark graphics when it comes to horror games. Very few expect colorful sunny landscapes and peaceful suburbia that seems a little bit sleepy. Dynamic Pixels did their best to prove that the real horror does not need any clichés like coffins or dead bodies everywhere. The game offers you to take a look inside a Neighbor's house that looks ordinary and normal, hiding multiple secrets. Even Neighbor looks like a random man who lives alone in his two stores house. The sounds yet may intensify your actions and send you shivers down the spine.

What is Hello Neighbor About?

The game starts with a young boy, Nicky notices the weirdness of his Neighbor. He suspects that the Neighbor is hiding something in his basement. When adults refuse to believe him, Nicky breaks into Neighbor's house, hoping to receive the answers. Hello Neighbor is divided into three acts. The first act is about Nicky's attempts to get into the basement. Once he is there, the second act begins. In-between between these acts Secret Neighbor gameplay takes place. In the 2nd act, players receive an opportunity to witness the story of Neighbor and his family. In the third, final act, Nicky returns to his old family house as an adult and remembers his nightmares about Neighbor.

Peculiarities of Controls

The Android version of Hello Neighbor received a critical response by many players who believe that this is just the cut Windows version. They consider that colors are paler and controls are too difficult. However, even in the mobile version of the game, colors are still bright, and you may learn how to navigate Nicky in less than an hour. All you need is to rotate the boy constantly to check out whether the Neighbor is not there. You play against smart AI, so you have to be careful.


  • Well-developed plot
  • Colorful graphics and atmospheric sounds
  • Free of charge 1st act.


  • The game may freeze from time to time
  • It is not completely free.

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