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Optimum health is crucial for a happy and prosperous life. healow app is a necessity rather than a choice. Keep your health and fitness levels in check by installing healow app on your Android device. Whether it’s an appointment with the doctor or your daily medications; healow will assist you at every step.

The app lays equal emphasis on every health parameter to ensure your well-being. It serves as an excellent communication interface to avoid any ambiguity pertaining to medications and medical records. You can maintain several medical records on healow and manage them proficiently, owing to simplified app interface.

Features and Functions

Scheduling appointment was never easier than this. healow app lets you scout clinics and hospitals in your vicinity. Just enter the location and let the search robot list reliable doctors in your area. Filter search on the basis of distance or availability. After careful analysis, you can either send an appointment request or check availabilities for booking a suitable date. Your appointment details will be generated. You can scan the QR code to avail detailed information. The app also allows you manage your check-ins on the appointments dates.

Sometimes, following a strict medication routine is difficult. Most of the patients forget to take medicines on time. healow app can assist you with this task. You can feed the medicines information and the timings. The app will remind you at scheduled intervals to take your medicines on time. You will be notified by alerts so that you don’t make a mistake of skipping medications. Talking about notifications, you can access message alerts, check-in alerts, and much more.

Another crucial feature of healow app is maintaining health records. My Records section keeps a tab on your medical history so that you can analyze improvements. This is beneficial when you consult a doctor regarding your health problems. Track your fitness level by synchronizing healow app with fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit, Beddit, iHealth, and others.


healow app features an intuitive interface that intrigues users in the first instance. The fascinating circle categorizes facilities offered by healow app. When accessing app features, you will witness no complications at all. The balanced use of colors renders a pleasant effect in the eyes. Talking about intuitiveness, you can experience it when having a video call with your doctor. Since healow is compatible with most of the fitness trackers, you can use this information to improvise your health and fitness. The accurate tracking and measurement are the highlights of healow.


Health is the only wealth that ensures happiness and longevity. You can take risks with everything except health. Therefore, we recommend installing healow app on your Android device to seek experienced and reliable medical aid. It connects you with the specialists in your vicinity. As you can keep a tab on your medications, you will witness improvement in your health levels.

There are no advertisements or in-app purchases in the app. The app ensures effortless compatibility with other fitness apps and trackers to measure health and fitness levels. Talking about Android compatibility, healow app works seamlessly with Android devices running on Android 2.3.3 and above.

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