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GTA V is an open-world action about three cons who want to prosper in Los Santos. The game was created by Rockstar Games and is part of the GTA series. The game is available on the Windows platform.

Realistic Graphics

GTA V is a masterpiece of Rockstar. These developers maybe succeed in Red Dead Redemption or the previous part of GTA, but they definitely overcame all expectations with GTA V. Graphics can be viewed in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, which is something new for the whole series. Players can feel themselves as a part of this community, walking around and exploring Los Santos, which is based on the real city of Los Angeles. The map is incredibly detailed and you can take some time to explore the city and San Andreas state, based on the state of South California. Multiple vehicles are at your service.

What is GTA V About?

Players may choose one of three characters they want to play. All of them have low moral standards and are experienced criminals. Michael de Santa is a bank robber, Franklin Clinton is a gangster, and Trevor Philips is a drug dealer with an incredibly bad temper and uncontrolled anger. No matter whom you choose, you can switch it for another one in the game. They have a common history and can't trust each other. Yet, you can't trust anyone else as well.

Controls Description

GTA V on the Windows platform is not easy to control mainly because of the game's high speed. It does not wait until you learn how to navigate your character. Players have to understand how to act fast and think even faster. It will require strategic thinking from you. The game allows you to interact with non-playable characters, change cars and weapons. If you are not ready to take part in the action, you can explore the city or the state, opening new side missions on the road.

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  • Brilliant, high-quality graphics
  • A fresh approach to main characters
  • Open world
  • Multiple missions.


  • The game requires fast thinking
  • It is not free of charge.

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