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Google Home is a useful hub that enables your smartphone or tablet to control hundreds of smart home devices. It’s compatible with lights, heating, surveillance cameras, and many more products. It’s easy to set up and go. Just download the free app on App Store or Google Play, connect all gadgets together and forget about split remotes.

Features and Functions

Connected home products are getting more and more common due to their convenience and modest price. On the other hand, it may get annoying to control each device via a separate application. Google Home is designed to hold all the needed features within one neat interface.

It provides you full control over devices by hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world. You can come up with a great number of device combinations and choose only those brand that feels the best to you. The support of Google Home, Chromecast, and Google Nest is enabled.

The Chromecast connect is necessary for streaming of movies and shows right from the app. Google Home can learn your content preferences and offer the best titles from the store. Play Music service is also integrated, so you can stream purchased music and podcasts to any connected speakers.


Although Google Home lets you control so many devices and services, it’s not difficult to navigate among features. The home screen provides access to all lights, content, thermostats, speakers, and any other devices. You can add or remove them manually or just let the app display the most frequently used ones. Heating and lighting devices all have the adjustable intensity level, which lets you select the best conditions in every room separately. The app remembers all the things that you do every day and creates shortcuts for recurring actions automatically. Let’s say you set the lights in the dining room for 50% every evening. The button for that action will appear on the home screen after a few repetitions.


Google Home is a single app that provides numerous possibilities. It lets you make the most of your smart home devices and make your dwelling even more comfortable. It’s designed to be both a media center a universal controller. You can link it with all your lighting, thermostats, speakers, cameras, alarms, Chromecast devices, and many other things. It will learn how to deal with them your way in a glance. Google Home is compatible with all OS versions above Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0.

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