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The huge success of the Turkish historical drama, The Magnificent Century, gave birth to this RPG-strategy game. It tells the story of the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Süleyman the Magnificent. This man managed to bend almost the entire Europe and Near East with 7 seas and lead the Ottoman Empire to incredible prosperity. Now you can experience his fortune in a variety of quests and terrifying historical battles.

Features and Functions

Game of Sultans offers you to try challenging everyday routines of the greatest Turkish Sultan. First of all, he’s a man of wealth, so he needs a harem with concubines. You can help him to assemble the harem with the most beautiful women, recruit warlords, and lead his countless troops to conquer new lands.

Although the game is based on historical documents, it provides you freedom of choice. You can customize Süleyman to match him with your view and even give him a new name. The story is rather linear, though, but you can choose between different allies, causing various plot threads. You will see the outcomes of your decisions in the end.

The story starts with the death of the protagonist’s father, The Great Sultan. The next day you have to ascend to the throne, meet your proponents, and come up with the best ways of making the Empire stronger. The gameplay mainly consists of static dialogues and real-time strategy missions. The pace of battles is very high, so you have to make quick decisions to win. There’s a place for mysterious things too. Turkish coffee is not only a valuable tasty drink but also an instrument for court fortune tellers. No matter how you react on their prophecies, some of them may become real. But don’t forget about viziers! They operate only facts when they offer solutions, but you should be ready for conspiracies and betrayal.


It seems that development solutions in Game of Sultans were invented similarly to the original Witcher game. Beautiful paintings in story cutscenes and dialogues substitute 3D graphics. Artists did their work so good that you won’t have any questions. In addition, it requires just 90MB storage space and low-end hardware.


Game of Sultans is an excellent virtual implementation of one of the greatest empires. It lets you look at the system from the inside and try the role of the emperor. It’s a hard burden to carry, but making the history of a century is a great honor. To play Game of Sultans, you need Android 4.0.3., iOS 8.0, or later versions.

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