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Driving skill is one of the essential necessities of modern life. To get to the office, go for shopping or making little weekdays countryside rides is better with your own vehicle than with a public transport. Thinking of driving a car, we always dream about getting the top speed on a highway, about the wind whiffling hair while you are sitting in your cabriolet, or about CD-compilation which we will take on tour. Thus the people who don’t have a driving license consider riding only as a practical process. Do they think about the theory aspect? What about plodding studying of rules of the road? This is not a piece of cake. But thanks God, we have some modern tools to fascinate this task. Driving Test application is the perfect mobile extension for those who want to become an expert in the theoretical aspect of managing a vehicle. And what is should be noted, you can do it absolutely for free.

Features and Functions

So are you ready to start with driving theory? Then install Driving Test app on your device and study the rules any moment you are ready.

With this mobile application, you will learn, train and take the driving theory test in exam conditions. The powerful theoretical base is here for your services. Over 2000 questions are going to deepen your driving knowledge. By answering such questions as:

  • When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed to travel is...

  • To avoid highway hypnosis or drowsiness while driving continuously, you must...

  • When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights, you must reduce your speed and...

  • A sign with an orange background and black letters indicates...

  • When it is necessary to turn your vehicle around on a roadway, but there is not enough room available to complete a U-turn, you must use...

you will become more expert in a driving theory. Take note, that knowing these and much more other answers (also performed with this app) is a bounden step for getting a driving license. Professionals created all the questions and adapted them to the exam criteria.

Driving Test app creates conditions like on the real exam, so you will have limited time for answering and an opportunity to mistake not more than seven times. But don’t worry, if you don’t pass the test immediately. The app offers you an unlimited practice of theory test. So get your knowledge in convenient rhythm.

By passing different lessons like Vulnerable road users, Vehicle handling, Road and traffic signs, Light signals controlling traffic you will evidently get prepared for the real driving test.

The app also offers you a statistics to keep an eye on your evolution as well as the areas that you need to develop.


Driving Test interface is more than affordable for different kinds of users. It is user-friendly and straightforward to deal with. There is nothing excess, the plain design doesn’t interrupt you from studying.

The main menu consists of the following points:

  • Lessons - revise for driving test.

  • Driving test - corrected test to progress.

  • My stats - trophies, statistics, everything you need to know about your progress.

  • Mock driving test - test yourself in exam conditions.

  • Settings - set different changes to comfort your work with an app.

No apparent bugs or glitches were detected in the process of using this app.


With its simple interface and approachable structure, Driving Test free app becomes one of our favourites among similar soft products. If you want to get the driving license or revise long studied theory, then it is a required must-have for your smartphone.

A powerful basis with over 2 thousands questions composed by professionals, real-time exam testing, your personals statistics of learning achievements - these are the benefits, which surely attract users. Some of them, of course, will mention an outdated app design. But we will insist, it is not a bad solution for an educational app.  

In addition to all the mentioned features, there is a game element, which helps you study. By passing different levels, you can unlock, for example, Motorbike school or Brain box tab. This app will definitely feed you with new emotions and knowledge. And what is most important it will help you get through the real test.

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