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Why use those big and bulky apps to eSign your documents when you have the option of DocuSign with you? Whether it’s your healthcare document, waiver document, permission slip, lease agreement or sales contracts, you can eSign them all with the help of the DocuSign app. And the app is not merely about eSigning the documents. There are numerous functions in the app which the users come across when they start using the app. Whether you want to sign the document in-person or want someone to remotely eSign the doc, the app lets you do it all. So, get DocuSign and make eSigning a hassle-free affair.

Features and Functions

eSigning of the documents is the basic feature that app has to offer to its users. It also allows them to fill the documents for free without any sort of monthly limit. There is also a send feature in the app which allows you to send the documents to others for signing them. With the DocuSign app, you can store, manage, and access all your documents from anywhere. You can even send the completed documents to anyone via various mediums viz. emails, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and others.

If you are looking forward to making your own customized signature for the purpose of eSigning, the app lets you do it seamlessly. Whether your document is a Word document, PDF, Excel or an Image, you can sign them all with the app.

In case, there is no ‘Sign Here’ tag present on your document, you can put the same over there with the help of the app. It helps you in guiding your signers in eSigning your documents. You can also set the signing order and workflow for multiple signers and receive notification when the document has been signed. There are also certain features that allow you to remind signers to sign the documents.

There are in-app purchases and premium plans that introduce you to many other essential features and functionalities.


There are numerous features present in the app. However, with proper spacing, labeling, and vector icons denoting these features, the app saves the users from any sort of clutter. The white and blue theme that the app follows is subtle and appealing. It gives quite a broad space to sign which ensures that you sign it right in the first time. The well-placed options on the interface enable the users to quickly sign or send the documents to be signed. The proper bifurcation of the functionalities adds to the elegance of the interface.


DocuSign app makes it convenient and simple to eSign the documents or get it signed by someone else. Whether you wish to eSign a Word document, PDF or an image, you can get the job done easily with this amazing little tool. One of the most popular eSign and digital transaction management platforms in the world, DocuSign boasts of a 50 million user base. The app is free but it also comes with many other in-app purchases. The team behind the app continuously work for the betterment of the app, thereby ensuring you do not come across any sort of glitch. DocuSign – making eSignatures easy!

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