DIRECTV is a streaming application that allows you to access many Live channels or recorded shows. With the help of DIRECTV, you are able to search for different movies and channels within a few simple taps. The application has been downloaded more than 10 million times. You can download DIRECTV for iOS and Android platforms for free. Developers regularly release various DIRECTV updates and fix different bugs and glitches.

Functionality of the App

After you have started DIRECTV, you are able to see the main menu that provides you with a large number of available movies and channels. The first page allows you to browse various sections. For example, the "Live Streaming" section shows movies or TV Shows that you can start streaming immediately. You can also see the "Our Top Picks For You" section with movies that you may like.

Suppose you tap at the Menu button at the top left side of your screen. In that case, you will be able to see the following sections: "Live TV Streaming" (allows you to watch live broadcasts of channels), "Movies" (you can search for the popular movies and series), "TV Shows (you can browse the list of available shows). To add a certain movie to your playlist, you need to find it in the application and mark it to watch it later.

Design of the App

DIRECTV design has a lot in common with other streaming applications. Nevertheless, there are some differences. For example, to switch between pages, you have to open the main menu at the top left corner. Usually, pages are located at the top or bottom of the screen. Nevertheless, it will be easy to use the app. The colors of the interface are not bright, which makes it simple to use the app at night time.

Is it Safe to Use the App?

DIRECTV is safe to use because it does not save your personal information. There are no differences between the versions of the application on iOS and Android platforms. It should be mentioned that DIRECTV works only in the USA.


  • The app provides you with a large number of channels and movies
  • The design is straightforward
  • The application is free to download


  • You will see ads while using the app

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