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If you ever played the old Prince of Persia, then you know what a Metroidvania game is. Dandara is the perfect example of this kind of subgenre, and it also brings beautiful artwork to the fray. The game levels are brilliantly designed, and the action is always in pace with the visuals. Dandara is a unique game, not only because it truly captures the elements of 2D side-scrolling, but also because of how radical the concept of zero gravity mechanics is. You can float from wall to wall, and at times the velocities get quite high. The boss fights are epic, and you’ll surely have a blast with this game.

Features and Functions 

The major complaint about Metroidvania and platforming games, in general, is how linear their plots are. However, maintaining the vigor as Dandara does is one sure way of removing or at least reducing that complaint. You start off in one section of the platformer board and progress to other parts of the map as you unlock different abilities. The maps aren’t linear as you might expect, and you may find yourself doubling back a few times before you complete a level. If you beat enemies who are weaker and track back to those sections, they respawn. If defeated, they gain the player health points, ammunition and experience points. 

A great thing about the maps is that they encourage you to explore. Dandara can have you going back to gain power-ups and other unlockable items that you may need in levels ahead or to defeat potential bosses. You can move in a zero-gravity environment in any direction, provided that the surface you are landing on has salt. Coordinating both hand movements and fending off enemies at the same time makes this game all the more intriguing. There is character dialogue, though quite limited, and you’ll fight some of the best battles ever. 


Dandara uses the concept of Metroidvania with its intrinsic 2D visuals and has objects that are rendered against an almost 3D backdrop, giving the feeling of playing in a cross between 2D and 3D. Movement is limited to the 2D environment. Besides this, Dandara features an array of art pieces, and if you look closely enough, you’ll definitely see parts of its Brazilian influence. The artwork is beautifully designed, and you’ll enjoy every second of this game because of how distinctly mesmerizing it looks. Dandara doesn’t look too bad herself, but you won’t get to see too much of her up close as you’re blasting off from wall to wall. 


Dandara is a stunning take on the Metroidvania subgenre, not just because it utilizes zero-gravity mechanics like Super Mario Galaxy, but also because of how gorgeous it is. The characters are well designed, and the game plays nicely. Occasionally the pointing laser mechanic turns faulty in critical moments like when fighting a boss. While the gameplay is generally excellent, there’s nothing to play forward to, that’s to say the game completely lacks a storyline. It’s always good to have something that you are playing towards regardless of how epic boss battles are. With all drawbacks and flaws considered, you should definitely pick up this game! 

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