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Clash of Сlans is a strategy, the goal of which is to become the player with the maximum number of trophies. You earn trophies by attacking other people's villages or successfully defending against other online players.


What is the Clash of Clans? Each village develops its clan over time. They are forced to fight each other for resources. That is why the game we are considering is called "Clash of Clans". The gameplay is made in such a way that you cannot exist peacefully in the big online world, and you will have to fight. If you do not attack, they will attack you. First of all, this is a familiar construction site with role-playing elements and full-fledged real-time combat. All this is framed in a fantasy setting, in which the Scandinavian motive is easily guessed. Clash of Clans gives the player complete freedom of action.

Graphics and Soundtrack

For many players, the game looks like a cross between Minecraft and classic strategy games like Stronghold. From the first one, here is a bit clumsy interface, and from the second one - buildings, levels, and much more. Some Scandinavian motives immediately come to mind. The advantage of this approach is simplicity. At first, everything looks pretty shabby, like in an abandoned village. Everything will be surrounded by impregnable walls, and life will boil inside.


In a competitive game like Clash of Clans, the ability to use key control buttons to perform specific actions is a vital skill. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games on mobile. If you were attacked when you were offline, you would be informed about the attacks when you enter the game again. By clicking on the button with the letter, and going to the "Defense Log" tab, you can see who attacked you, how much damage he caused, what soldiers he used, how many resources he stole. In the "Attack Log" tab, you can see your attacks on other players' villages. Ease of learning and convenient controls make this game one of the most popular in the AppStore today.



  • The game is quite interesting, and it attracts many people for hours
  • Ease of control
  • There is an opportunity to participate in clan battles


  • Expensive donation

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