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An educational app, Canvas allows the students to access the Canvas courses instantly and without any charges. When they have this app installed on their smartphone, they do not have to look for the laptop to learn the course or submit their homework. Right from checking the grades to taking the quizzes, the app allows them to undertake everything. There are many new advancements and features that have been integrated into the Canvas app by its developers, thereby making it interesting for the students. And guess what! Other than students, Instructure has a new app, on the same lines, for the teachers too.

Features and Functions

As mentioned above, the students can use the app to access their Canvas courses. Further, they can leverage the app to check the assignments and even submit them. The app also allows them to see their grades, customize their courses, and even check off the to-do list. There are many different features that make the learning for the students simple and hassle-free. With the app, they get an access to post to discussions, content, and modules.

The Canvas app also allows the students to send and receive messages. They can learn more about a specific topic, watch videos about them, and even take quizzes to sharpen their knowledge. The Canvas app shows notification on various things to the students so that they do not miss them. Some of these notifications are about new grades, course updates, etc. The app enables them to listen to the podcast from their school provided that their school is using Canvas by Instructure.

Other than helping students in learning, checking assignment, submitting them, knowing grades, etc., Instructure has an app which is quite useful for the teachers. It is the SpeedGrader app. With this amazing app, they can undertake grading, assignment settings and much more.


The interface of the app is colorful and lively. It encourages the students to spend more time on the app and learn more about new things. There is a dashboard in the app and it has been properly organized so that you get to see your assignments, tools, and grades without a hassle. All other options have been placed at the bottom of the app, thereby making sure that there is no clutter on the interface. All in all, the interface of the app has been amazingly built, hence ensuring its easy and convenient usage.


The Canvas app makes learning all the more fun and entertaining for the students. With easy access to Canvas courses and ability to customize them, one can dive into the world of knowledge easily and without any trouble.  Be it submitting the assignments or viewing grades, the app lets the student do everything conveniently. The push-notification feature of the app further ensures that the students do not miss on anything important. The app has been made responsive and the users do not come across any glitches when they use it on a different device. Learn on-the-go with the Canvas app!

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