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A thermometer and concept behind its working do not need any introduction. The Thermometer app brings the convenience of this amazing tool to your smartphone. With this brilliant and simple app installed on your phone, you can measure the inside and outside temperature easily. There are no sophisticated features or functionalities integrated into the app. It is a basic app with some basic options that allow you to see the temperature in an instant with the help of your ambient sensor. With this app on your phone, you do not have to look for your thermometer again.

Features and Functions

As mentioned above, the Thermometer app has fewer features and functionalities incorporated into it. Whether you wish to see the indoor temperature or want to measure the outside temperature, you can do it seamlessly with the help of this app.

For those looking forward to measuring the inside temperature, they need to have the ambient sensor-enabled smartphone. This is so because the sensor helps the app to instantly revert with the inside temperature. Do note that in the absence of the ambient sensor, your smartphone or tablet will take almost one hour to fetch the proper temperature data.

Those of you who want to measure the outside temperature, the Thermometer app is here to lend a helping hand. It measures the outdoor temperature with the help of the weather web service. Hence, either you need a cellular data pack or a Wi-Fi connection to allow the app to connect to the weather web services. Along with the internet connection, you need to make sure that your location services or GPS is enabled. This is so because the app needs to locate your device’s geographical parameters to tell you about the outdoor temperature. 

By default, the app shows you the temperature in Celsius unit. However, you can change it to Fahrenheit by going in the settings.


Just like the functionalities of the app, the interface too has been kept quite basic and simple. All you get to see is a screen that tells you about the outside and inside temperature. Just below this screen, you see certain options and settings along with the help button. However, there is a positive side to such a simple interface. It makes convenient for the users to use the app. Also, because there is no sort of mess on the interface, it looks appealing and elegant.


There are various occasions when you need to know the inside and outside temperature. For example, when you are cooking, it is imperative for you to know the room temperature.  But what if you do not have a thermometer or any such temperature measuring tool with you? In such a case, you can leverage the power of the Thermometer app to undertake the temperature measurement. Whether you wish to know the temperature in Celsius unit or in Fahrenheit, the app is here to your rescue. Using the app is simple and all you need to have is the ambient sensor and an Internet connection to get the app working.

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