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On the night of February 5, Electronic Arts and Respawn announced and immediately released Apex Legends - a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe. The game is shareware and can be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


The most important and obvious difference from competitors lies in the roster of 8 characters divided into classes - reconnaissance, support, defense, and attack. Each fighter has one passive and one active skill. All abilities are unique to each warrior, which, according to the developers, provides the necessary balance. By the way, at the start, only six of the eight presented heroes will be allowed to play - the Mirage and Caustic characters must be purchased for in-game currency or real money.

The second key feature of the game is the emphasis on the team component. The battle involves 20 teams of 3 people each. The landing is carried out by combat troikas - at some point, you can leave the group, but this attempt is doomed to failure. Comrades in arms can raise wounded party members, and in case of death on a special platform, there is the possibility of resurrecting an ally.

Graphics and Soundtrack

The interface, skins of weapons, and characters are pleasing to the eye, the system requirements are very democratic, and the picture looks very nice. AAA-shooter gameplay and graphics are the best combinations in the battle royale genre. Sound and localization are fine too. In the game, in some places, cheerful, addictive music sounds, especially before landing on the map.


The controls are laconic and understandable even for beginners: for example, the automatic installation of weapon and equipment modifications allows maintaining high dynamics of matches. The system of tags and messages is a separate conversation: we have never met such a simple and pleasant means of communication with random allies. By pressing the desired button ("F" on PC and "R" on PS4), the player marks the enemy, the found weapon or equipment, and the place where he is going to go.


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  • Skillfully adding key elements of popular genres to battle royale
  • Ease of management and communication
  • Nice graphics
  • Variety of characters and their skills


  • Few bugs
  • Inability to connect to the match after leaving the game

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