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The Fishercat is a fun online spearfishing game. The game was released in January 2018 as a mobile app. It is developed by LoadComplete. The HTML5 version appeared in May 2019.


You play as a fisherman cat who went under the water to hunt unusual fish. It is armed with a sharp harpoon. The oxygen supply is limited. You must catch the maximum amount of prey before the oxygen tank is empty. Jellyfish are the only danger lurking in our furry friend. They painfully shock, then are forced to increase air consumption. It's good that there are bonuses: a fishing net, a bait, and an electric bomb.

They help to gather fish in a heap and get rid of jellyfish harmful to the cat. This ginger cat has long understood that you can't catch a lot of fish with an ordinary fishing rod. A brave and resourceful cat today will make its first dive into the depths of the sea. Also, pick up bonus items, and in unnecessary and even more dangerous, try not to fall from your underwater guns. Enjoy your underwater fishing!

Graphics and Soundtrack

The graphics and design of the game interface are made in a simple and colorful style. The game seems to be drawn and it attracts children very much. The musical accompaniment is very light and does not distract from the gameplay. We are sure that you will fully enjoy the design of this game as it is very relaxing and educational. This application has a fun atmosphere, which was created using cartoon graphics and a simple image style.


Owners of mobile devices who have installed this application will be able to share in its successes because they will control the actions of the tailed fish lover. The game provides for the most simple control, so you can shoot from a cool harpoon to catch especially large fish.



  • Simple controls
  • Addictive casual gameplay
  • Excellent hand-drawn graphics
  • A funny character starring
  • Wide development and improvement system
  • Good for children


  • Sometimes the game won't launch without internet access

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