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Mobile users who are looking for free ways of transferring/importing the data from their iTunes app to their Android device may benefit from using Sync iTunes to Android. The title of the app says it all. Apple users can now synchronize their iTunes library from a personal computer, Mac, or another Apple device to their Android-based gadgets. Thanks to the developers of Sync iTunes to Android, users can move and store such data as playlists, auto tracks, podcasts, and videos elsewhere beyond Apple devices. Users should keep in mind that DRM copyright media will not transfer from iTunes to the Android device.

Features and Functions

iTunes users will most probably enjoy the features and functionality offered by the developers of Sync iTunes to Android. The best feature is that the application is free of charge. For absolutely nothing, you will get the following benefits:

  • Synchronization of the playlists created on iTunes with Android devices
  • Sync of iTunes itself with Android devices: audio tracks, shows, podcasts, and videos directly from the iTunes library to the Android gadget using an Internet connection
  • iTunes track info (e.g., album art, the title of the song, artist) syncing with Android devices 
  • Resuming the synchronization process in case connection was interrupted
  • Maintenance of the iTunes playlist order and content
  • The app’s data will sync with the chosen Android device (using SD card or internal memory)
  • Organization of all iTunes music on Android devices into folders
  • Detection and sync of the recently added audio tracks with Android during the further synchronization procedure
  • Ability to filter music for sync with Android devices (for instance, by length, date, genre, etc.)

You should keep in mind that they will not be able to sync the iTunes app with the devices that were already synchronized earlier. It is also worth noting that the app is not affiliated with iTunes or Apple.


Users who want to move data from their iTunes to Android devices are usually looking for options with a simple interface. Apart from the fact that the app lets you sync data in a secure and risk-free manner, it also has an interface that is not confusing at all. It was designed to help transfer your data as quickly and efficiently as possible. All you have to do is download and set up this application on your PC or Mac. Second, it is essential to connect the chosen Android device, tablet or phone, with the machine. Next, it is necessary to click the Restore option from backup on the main interface, pick iTunes, view the data to move to make sure it’s what you need, and push the Start Copy button. The process starts immediately. As for the overall user interface, it is better than what many similar apps offer, so you will not get confused with the directions.


This freely available application allows moving the necessary data from iTunes to any Android device of your choice with the help of your PC or Mac. The software is relatively simple to download, set up, and use. It works well. Users should remember that they can only synchronize no more than one hundred items at a time, and the installation might seem a bit tedious. You may have to set up this app several times before it starts working correctly. The functionality of the free version looks limited, but it has all the main functions that allow transferring the data between devices really fast.

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