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Spider-Man’s status is undefined now, hanging in the air between two corporate buildings like the character himself with his web. In this game, Sony and Marvel both feature Spider-Man, with a little help from Insomniac Games that actually developed it.

A spoiler: the game contains no spoilers to further development of Marvel Cinema Universe or comic books. It’s a self-sufficient narrative, with a familiar protagonist and familiar conflicts and situations. What matters is how it all is represented. And the answer is: great. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a real new tendency in the gaming industry, offering highest quality level and innovative combat system.

Features and Functions

Thanks to the developers for not selling us another story of Peter Parker orphaned and bitten. We’re seeing an older mature Spider-Man, and not that delighted juvenile disciple of Marvel movies so far. Still he has a complicated relationship with Mary Jane, even he has a daytime work with his suit off, and still, he deals with his great responsibility, being as good and unlethal as a superhero can afford.

Though Sony still keeps its rights, the game is a collaboration with Marvel, so you’ll encounter some noticeable allusions, like Avengers building or Wakanda embassy.

The best about this game is its Arkham-based fighting mechanics. Spider-Man has his spider feeling in addition to his web-generating ability. That enables him to climb highest buildings and hang between them, dodge bullets and rockets, attack enemies from anywhere, grab them, apply combos. Eventually, you unlock skills that form a large branched skill tree. You’ll need a lot of items and Tokens you can find on the streets or in your missions.

The core mission will provide about 15 hours of gameplay, but (as it’s 2018) the game offers you an open world with side missions, and free roam mode. So even after you’re through, you can travel across New York with your special, web-assisted kind of parkour and try your numerous gadgets in various situations.


Stunning is the word for visuals. New York streets and skyscrapers look great, but what really takes the breath away is the way Spidey moves. The developers unveil all the potential of web-based tricks, so in Spider-Man’s suit you can swing on the web, grab any surface, dash forward, do lots of tricks and apply your web against enemies. Web combat is made brilliantly, though tricks are so innovative that you’ll have to spend some time learning. It’s hard to even think what a lot of work has been done to capture and recreate all these movements.

Anyway, Sony offers an exclusive control system that is greatly optimized for Dualshock gamepads. Skills are easy to use, and fights don’t imply the necessity to literally break your fingers in complicated combos.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is certainly one of the best games of 2018. Though 15 hours seem not that much nowadays, there’s always more in its open world. You’ll surely enjoy side quests, and free roam mode, with something unexpected to find or run into. The narrative of the game is even greater than in most Spider-Man movies and is more like a long comic book arc.

Recommending the game to Marvel fans makes no sense: they must have explored it all through already. But if you just like a good action game, it’s a good choice. For those choosing a console to buy, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great reason to opt for Sony PlayStation 4.

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