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Spectrum TV is one of the Spectrum company products developed to let the users access 250 live television channels and up to thirty thousand on-demand shows and films. All you need is this application downloaded and installed on your device and a connection to a Spectrum network. Moreover, it is possible to access 150 live channels and 20,000 on-demand shows wherever you are with a Wi-Fi network or another type of Internet connection. Overall, the goal of the developers is to provide their users with positive TV experience, and it seems they have managed to do so. 

Features and Functions

So, what are some of the basic features offered by the developers of Spectrum TV?

  • Control TV and DVR

Once you set up the app, it is possible to switch TV channels on the receiver; delete or change DVR recordings; record television shows and films; play DVR recordings on your TV; provide Spectrum receivers with nicknames to stay informed which one will record the shows based on the schedule chosen. 

  • Helps search for preferred channels and programs

With the help of Spectrum TV, you can come up with an individual guide by selecting preferred channels. It is also possible to categorize and filter live TV shows, classify them by channel number, networks, or show names. You can easily go back to the previously watched channels and programs.

  • Serves as a good parental control

Spectrum TV can also be used as a parental surveillance tool to prevent the kids from watching mature content. You should select a PIN, turn on the Parental Controls function, and start blocking the undesired shows by channel or rating. It is necessary to remember to switch on this option for every device used by the household. Then, the block will apply across all of them.

  • Transforms rooms into TV rooms

By subscribing to Spectrum TV, you can turn chosen devices into a TV screen to enjoy favorite TV and on-demand channels at home or elsewhere.


The interface of Spectrum TV looks relatively simple and straightforward. The app will identify your chosen Internet service and log in automatically. It saves you the hassle of entering the login details over and over again. In other cases, you should type the credentials used to access account info.

Spectrum TV is one of those tools that offers a grid-based channel guide. Users can develop watchlists based on their preferences and tastes, look for shows by title, and peruse the on-demand programs. Most of the reviews admit that the interface of Spectrum TV might be not as snazzy as other streaming television services. However, it can be called adequately functional and clear.


Those who wish to keep in touch with the latest TV shows and news can benefit from downloading and installing Spectrum TV. The main advantage of this application is that it allows watching live television and on-demand programs at home or anywhere else. It is enough to have any type of Internet connection to use the app. It is convenient to watch films and TV shows on the preferred channels by using the custom watchlist. Besides, Spectrum TV makes it possible to keep children away from the harmful, mature, and violent content with the help of built-in Parental Control option.

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