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Are you an avid movie fan? No matter which type of genre you prefer or cinema theaters you visit, an application called Popcorn may be useful. As you can guess from its name, the app serves as a movie showtimes and tickets tool. It is also a good source of information if you want to keep in touch with the latest news from the world of cinematography. Popcorn provides info about both the people involved in movie creation and films themselves.

The primary purpose of the app’s developers is to streamline the film-going experience for movie theaters across the globe.

Features and Functions

This app created for movie admirers has a list of useful features to offer. They include the following.

  • Opportunity to stay updated with showtimes

If you want to watch a particular film at the cinema, you can look it up in the app. The tool will analyze all the main cinema theaters in your area. This way, users save time and avoid the hassle of surfing the web endlessly. 

  • Online purchases of cinema tickets 

The application allows bookmarking top-preferred movie theaters in the region and ordering tickets to films immediately from any location. No more queuing!

  • Learn more about upcoming premieres

It is possible to watch trailers and learn more about the movies that will be soon released. Users can book seats for the forthcoming premiers. What is more important, they can buy tickets on sale.

  • Film ratings and reviews

With the help of Popcorn, users may find out what other people say about different movies. The ratings and reviews are most often quite objective and trustworthy. This feature will help avoid wasting time on a boring film.

  • Keep in touch with the cinema world

Cinematography fans will enjoy one more feature of the app that allows reading the most recent news related to this art. Popcorn offers both news from Hollywood and around the world.


The interface of Popcorn looks quite nice except for a couple of details. For example, the initial screen is not very intuitive. You may find that the buttons and navigation generally do not always react to the touch immediately and adequately. 

One of the best elements of the interface is the promotions tab. This one is created for users to search for and learn more about film promotions. It is simple to switch between various movie theaters depending on your location and preferences. On the whole, the search function works well enough.


People who wish to learn more about the movies currently running in the cinemas, upcoming films, or find out more about the theaters around them will find Popcorn a useful application. The developers offer a pretty fast and straightforward method to book tickets to the films of interest. The app is easy to use on the go thanks to its convenient interface. Movie trailers, synopses, and fair reviews may help choose the right films to see. It is possible to exchange your impressions with other movie fans and rate the film yourself. Many users call it the best app in its genre, but some shortcomings with the interface are still present.

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