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Pandora Music is one of the best free music apps for both iOS and Android devices. This app has excellent song selections and with its intuitive recommendations, the users get an opportunity to discover new music.

Like lots of other radio apps, Pandora Music also offers countless preset radio stations that include dance, jazz, rock, country, and alternative. But the main feature that made Pandora an immensely popular app is the song recommendations that this app generates. It creates an entire station with similar music to that of an artist or song that you like. By giving thumbs up to the songs that you like, you can improve the app recommendations.

Features and Functions

The Pandora Radio/Music app is a user-friendly, convenient-to-access and easy-to-navigate app for users of all ages and skill levels. You can easily access the essential features from the main page of the Pandora Music app. It also works with Android Wear 2.0 watch.

Pandora is a successful example of free, personalized radio that plays music you like. You can enjoy old favorites and discover new music as well. Start with your favorite artist, song or composer and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks. This music app offers excellent intuitive recommendations based on your favorites.

For playing music in offline mode with Pandora music, you will have to upgrade the app to the premium version. Enjoy high-quality sound, no limits, and no annoying ads.

With its intuitive suggestions and clean user interface, some users might expect this app to have glitches. Recently, there were a few complaints, but nowadays it is a handy app for music lovers. We should add, that it is free of glitches, although the ads might annoy you a bit. The Pandora music app is compatible with all the devices running on Android and iOS platforms.


The Pandora Music app is easy to use for people of any age or user skill level. On the main page itself, you can easily find most of the features and primary settings. To get intuitive recommendations, the only thing that you will have to do is entering the name of an artist or your favorite song's name. Have a great music streaming experience with Pandora’s sleek design and intuitive interface!


By using Pandora you choose great music selection, intuitive song recommendations and convenience of user experience. This music app has some disadvantages too. Only six songs can be skipped every hour, annoying ad pop-ups in the free version, and no offline mode with the unpaid version.

Nevertheless, the Pandora Music app offers an excellent platform for music lovers where they can stream content explicitly based on algorithms of their favorite music and preferences. This app offers a reliable interface for identifying music by your favorites and giving you customized suggestions for radio streams and playlists. If you love music, then Pandora is the best application choice for you.

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