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What do you choose: DC or Marvel? If you’re the Marvel universe fan, then you can not only watch cool movies but also play this awesome fighting game on your mobile device. It’s based on the limited eponymous series of comic books and became one of the best 5 games about Marvel that have been ever released. You can get it for free on App Store and Play Market.

Features and Functions

In this game, you play a Summoner who receives missions from The Collector to create mixed teams of heroes and villains and collide them in battles. Similarly to Mortal Kombat X and Injustice, every scene is a spacious 3D arena where you can move only horizontally.

The roaster includes nearly all characters, but you have to unlock them by playing the weakest ones first. Such heroes as Iron Man, Hulk, Ronan, Iron Feast, Thor, Ultron, Black Bolt, and some others come as additional unlockable characters. You can upgrade each of them with unique classes, skills, combos, and traits. The combo system rewards you for mixing up moves and timely blocks. Some characters, like Star-Lord, can be combined with partners to gain increased ratings.

You can also join online alliances with other players and compete on a worldwide scale. Team quests provide special XP that allows you to add up to 5 heroes to the alliance roaster and upgrade them to save more ISO-8, inventory, and catalyst. In addition to this feature, you can join the global chat and communicate with any player.


It is one of the best-looking fighting arcades for mobile devices. It was released 5 years ago, but still leaves an impression of a fresh title. Developers designed perfect original touchscreen controls instead of adapting gamepad buttons and joysticks. They managed to preserve all traditional fighting movements, including dodge and block, sprint, special attacks, 4 levels of basic attacks, unique and signature abilities. Battle locations are highly detailed and include a lot of animated and destroyable objects to spice up gameplay.


MARVEL Contest of Champions is the best superhero mashup for mobile devices so far. It’s comparable to the best game about superheroes, Injustice. You can play over 150 characters, explore and upgrade each of them individually, and compare your skills on the worldwide multiplayer arena. This game was a debut of Kabam studio on the big market and opened them the way to work with other Disney projects, such as Star Wars, and Transformers.

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