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Don't you just hate waiting in line at your favorite restaurant? With Jersey Mike's app, you will never have to wait for your favorite subs ever again. All you have to do is place your order online or through the app and visit the respective outlet to pick up your order. Apart from placing orders, you can even search for the closest Jersey Mike's outlet near you. Collect Shore Points and use them to get your next sub for free. The app gives you the complete menu to choose from including delicious subs, sandwiches, wraps, cookies, brownies, beverages, and more.

Features and Functions

Jersey Mike's is one of the biggest and most affordable fast food restaurants and the mobile app delivers the same exciting experience, minus the wait. You can quickly browse through all the favorite items on the menu or search by categories including subs, sandwiches, wraps, beverages and desserts, and more. Can't find a decent place to stop at on your road trip? Use the app to find the nearest Jersey Mike's and enjoy your favorite meal in no time. Get the regular subs and sandwiches or customize them the way you want to. Earn Shore Points with every order and use them to get yourself free subs.

You get to choose the pickup time so you can rest assured knowing that your meal will be fresh and ready when you arrive. No more will you have to stand in unending queues - just order and pickup. You can even pay for your meal online which saves a lot more time. All the payments made online are secure and safe. If you are a regular, you can save your favorite order and come back to it with a single touch for quicker orders. Never has getting your favorite snack or meal been so easy, but thanks to the Jersey Mike's app, you will never have to face another mile long waiting line just to pick up a sandwich and a beverage.


The Jersey Mike's mobile app is built for its customers and thanks to its remarkable user-friendly features, the customers have no trouble ordering their favorite meals. The homepage has the options Locate & Order, Shore Points, and Quick Order along with a menu for settings and other functions. The restaurant locator option lets you enter your state, city, or zip code to find all the outlets around you and provides information on the nearest one to you. You even get the complete menu with images to show you exactly what you're getting.


Are you tired of standing behind fickle minded kids, undecided customers, and customers who can never find the right amount to pay for their meal at your favorite eateries? Now, you can skip the line and jump to the front, pick up your order, and enjoy your fresh meal in a matter or minutes. The Jersey Mike's app is known for its quality and performance, but more than that, it is known for its convenience. Not only will the all let you find the nearest restaurant, but it will also let you place and pay for your order online so you don't waste any time when you get to the outlet. Running low on cash? Worry not because the Shore Points system lets you exchange your reward points for free subs.

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