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We have all been in that situation where we suddenly need to write something down and can't seem to find a pen or a piece of paper. Luckily, you will never have to face that situation again thanks to the Notepad & To Do List app on your mobile device. This quick to launch, lightweight, and user-friendly app lets you take down notes, make lists, to-do notes, and more right on your smartphone or tablet. The design is quite basic but delivers a very clean and readable interface. Create and share checklists, notes, and other written content across different devices quickly as well.

Features and Functions

Although the Notepad & To Do List app is relatively basic, it does come with a heap of useful features that make it convenient to use. For starters, it is extremely easy to write notes and make checklists in - just choose the type of content and type in what you need. With its unique auto-save feature, you will never have to start over, even when your battery dies. You can even securely backup and restore all your saved files online and transfer them to a new device.

The app is great for making quick checklists or to-do lists on-the-go so you're always prepared. The search option lets you find an older file quicker and easier by simply typing the name of the file in the search bar. You can create a note on your Android device and sync it with other Android or even iOS devices for better sharing capabilities. Because all the content is saved online, you can access and view them from a computer as well by logging in. You can add colored tags to your notes to organize them better and find them more efficiently. With the Premium upgrade, you can secure all your notes, checklists, and to-do lists with the help of a PIN code. With interesting themes available, you can now customize your virtual notepad to look exactly how you want it.


In terms of design, the Notepad & To Do List app really stands out for its simplicity. The app brings a very soothing and life-like yellow paper color wherein all your notes can be written. You can easily find all your notes in a single place as soon as the app opens so you can get to what you want quicker. Within each note or checklist, you get edit, share, or delete options. In the menu options, you can choose to sort your notes in alphabetical order or by date. There are also theme and tag options to choose from.


Overall, the Notepad & To Do List app is a helpful and user-friendly tool that eliminates the need for a pen or paper in case of an emergency. The fact that you can even use the app while on a call, makes it even more alluring. Whether you need a checklist before leaving for a business trip or you need to go grocery shopping, the Notepad & To Do List will really help you out. It is impressively easy to use and makes syncing or sharing content between devices or platforms a breeze. So next time to need to take down a recipe, a phone number, or just add to that shopping list, try Notepad & To Do List and you won't regret it.

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