Master The Magical World: Best Party Builds In Solasta: Crown Of The Magister

Lillian Rivera


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For fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Solasta: Crown of the Magister offers an exciting opportunity to delve into a world rich with tactical RPG elements and an intriguing storyline. Utilizing D&D 5e rules, this game challenges players to assemble a party to create the eponymous artifact and decide the fate of the world. Choosing the right party build can make all the difference in your gaming experience, so let's take a look at some of the best party builds in Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

1. Holy Trinity: Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric

Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric

This classic party build offers a balanced approach to gameplay, providing players with a smooth and enjoyable experience. The Holy Trinity consists of a Paladin acting as the tank and sub-healer, a Ranger fulfilling the role of the lockpicker and ranged attacker, a Wizard focusing on area-of-effect damage, and a Cleric offering a mix of healing and damage potential. With each character specializing in specific abilities, this build supports versatile gameplay and provides players with an excellent introduction to the world of Solasta.

2. Full Combat Coverage

For players interested in optimizing their combat capabilities, the Full Combat Coverage build is an excellent choice. This build emphasizes the importance of covering all major combat roles, with each class designed to excel in specific areas. The Paladin serves as the damage dealer and protector, the Ranger excels at both melee and ranged combat, the Druid offers potent healing and damage-dealing potential, and the Wizard acts as a defensive and controlling force. Each character in this build is designed to complement one another and help players conquer the challenges of Solasta's main campaign.

3. Standard Attack

The Standard Attack build offers a more traditional approach to party composition, focusing on characters that perform well in standard combat encounters. Featuring a Fighter as the primary tank, a Cleric for healing and support, a Ranger for both ranged and melee damage, and a Wizard as the primary damage-dealer, this build provides a well-rounded gaming experience. While not specifically geared towards exploiting the game's combat system, the Standard Attack build offers solid performance and adaptability, making it a great choice for players new to Solasta.

4. Cover All Bases

Cover All Bases

Flexibility is key for the Cover All Bases party build, ensuring that each character is capable of filling multiple roles during combat. This build includes a Paladin focused on tanking and burst damage, a Cleric offering frontline healing and damage potential, a Wizard able to serve as both a damage-dealer and mage tank, and a Ranger capable of fulfilling the roles of both sniper and lockpicker. With each character designed to adapt to various combat situations, the Cover All Bases build offers players a versatile and dynamic gameplay experience.

5. Hard Nuking

For players who want to maximize their damage output in a single turn, the Hard Nuking party build is an excellent choice. This build transforms traditional class roles into powerful damage dealers, with a Paladin focused on devastating burst damage, a Wizard as a walking AOE machine, a Cleric specializing in powerful spells and attacks, and a Ranger acting as the team's sniper and stealth specialist. The Hard Nuking build allows players to decimate their enemies quickly and efficiently, making it a thrilling option for experienced Solasta players.

6. Survival Mode

Designed for those who want to test their mettle on Solasta's highest difficulty setting, Cataclysm, the Survival Mode build emphasizes endurance and adaptability. Each character in this build is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of the game's toughest enemies, with a Paladin offering strong tanking and damage-dealing capabilities, a Cleric providing frontline healing and damage, a Wizard specializing in defensive magic and crowd control, and a Ranger skilled in stealth and ranged combat. The Survival Mode build offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience for the most dedicated Solasta players.

7. The Purpose-Driven Life

The Purpose-Driven Life

For players who want to focus on specific roles and functionality, the Purpose-Driven Life builds a unique approach to party composition. Each character is designed to excel in a particular area, such as lockpicking, carrying capacity, healing, or crafting, ensuring that your party has all the necessary skills to conquer the challenges of the game. With a focus on specialization, the Purpose-Driven Life build offers a highly strategic gameplay experience.

8. Hyperfocused Functions

Similar to the Purpose-Driven Life build, the Hyperfocused Functions build zeroes in on specific skills and functionality for each class. This build offers a more focused approach to gameplay, ensuring that each character is optimized for their respective role. By concentrating on areas such as dark vision, charisma, healing potential, and athletic abilities, the Hyperfocused Functions build provides a highly tactical and specialized gaming experience.

And The Winner Is: Full Combat Coverage

Based on user reviews and gaming experiences, the Full Combat Coverage build takes the crown as the best party build in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Offering a comprehensive approach to combat, this build ensures that each class excels in its given role while providing ample support and adaptability. As a result, players can confidently tackle the challenges of Solasta's main campaign while enjoying a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.