Journalist Studio by Google: What Is It?

Camden Price


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Google made a selection of the most necessary resources for journals and reporters on the Journalist Studio platform. Here, you can find tools for searching and verification facts, services for retrieving from DDoS, and retrieving cloud records from Google, as well as: Google Trends, GIF Maker; Google Public Data Explorer is pretty big.

The company has also presented two new tools for robotic journals: the Pinpoint smart search program and the development platform called The Common Knowledge Project.


With Pinpoint, you can forget about using Ctrl + F when working with a large number of documents. If you need to find information about a certain thing, the program based on artificial intelligence will analyze all the documents and find all the search query mentions in the text. The main difference from manual search is that the application analyzes even synonymous query words. That is, if you need to find a particular fact about the Moon, the system will find all the matches with similar queries.


The algorithm analyzes scanned PDF files, images, handwritten notes, and other types of documents. The program currently supports seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. Google promises to increase the list of available languages shortly.

The Common Knowledge Project

The Common Knowledge Project

The second tool introduced by the company is a beta version of The Common Knowledge Project. With this service, you can make a variety of infographics or charts to visualize information. Graphs can then be inserted into materials or published on social networks.

Overall Thoughts

As Journalist Studio is only at a beta test stage, the company asks journalists to share ideas on how the service could be improved. We ask you to distribute this article so that more people could learn about the new gimmick from the Google company!