Genshin Impact: How To Easily Find the Missing Sketch of Julien's

Camden Price


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Whether you’re a new or experienced Genshin Impact player, you may find yourself stuck trying to find the missing sketch of Julien (An Artist Adrift) on the road. Whilst it sounds like a daunting task, this guide will show you how to easily locate the sketch so that you can progress with the An Artist Adrift quest.

The An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact is a blocked quest with a daily reset. After meeting Julien for the first time and helping him find his luggage, Paimon asks Traveler to check on him the next day. However, upon arriving at Julien's camp, the player will soon discovers that he is not there. Talking to the nearest NPC, you will soon learn that Julien has lost his sketch in a nearby cave. To help Julien find his missing sketch in the quest An Artist Adrift in Genshin Impact, players must be alert and follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Step 1: Locate the Cave Entrance

 Locate the Cave Entrance

The first step in finding the missing sketch of Julien is to locate the cave entrance. To find the entrance, first, make sure you’ve unlocked the region of Springvale. You can do this by speaking to the bard Liyue Harbor and completing the main story quest.

Once you’ve unlocked the region, you’ll need to head to the east side of the region to reach the southern edge of the terrain. Here, you should locate the entrance of the cave. The cave is located in a small clearing surrounded by trees and shrubs. Once you’re in the same area, you’ll be able to spot the entrance of the cave.

Step 2: Follow the Path

Follow the Path

You’ll then need to take a few minutes to explore the area and find the path that Julien could have followed to reach the cave. The path will begin from the entrance of the cave and lead you toward the interior. As you follow the path, be sure to look for any helpful clues and objects that could help you locate the missing sketch of Julien.

Once you’ve followed the path, you should reach the deepest part of the cave. Here, you should see a small rock formation with a sketch near it. You may have to search a bit before you find it, as the sketch could be easily hidden by a few rocks in the vicinity. 

Step 3: Locate the sketch

Locate the sketch

When you have located the sketch, it is important to not just pick it up and leave. Make sure to take a few seconds to properly analyze the surroundings and spot any other items that could be helpful that Julien may have left behind. Once you have located the sketch, you can pick it up and make your way toward the exit.

Step 4: Speak to Julien

Speak to Julien

Once you have obtained the sketch, it’s time to make your way toward the exit to get back to Julien. Speak to Julien, who should be standing near the entrance of the cave, and give him the sketch. This will complete the An Artist Adrift quest, and you’ll be able to receive rewards from Julien.


With this guide, you should now be able to easily search the road for the missing sketch in the An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact. Remember to always keep a sharp eye while exploring the area and be sure to search the surroundings to spot any other helpful items or clues that could be in the vicinity. With all that said, best of luck, and happy exploring!