Genshin Impact: How To Continue Exploring The Unknown Sanctuary - Step-by-Step Guide

Camden Price


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Exploring the Unknown Sanctuary in Genshin Impact can be a tricky task. With its puzzles, locked gates, and hidden chests, it’s easy to get lost or stuck along the way. In this guide, we’ll take you through each step of the journey so that you can continue exploring this mysterious domain with ease. 

Step 1: Pray to the Statue of Seven and Follow Hilichurl 

Pray to the Statue of Seven and Follow Hilichurl

The first step is to pray at the Statue of Seven located in Liyue Harbor near Wanmin Restaurant. After doing so, Eide notices a Hilichurl walking towards Chasm and panic as he thinks it's Caribert. Players must follow the Hilichurl and see where it’s going. Fortunately, it isn't Caribert, but Eide still wishes to know where the creature is heading off to. Enter The Unknown Sanctuary cavern! 

Step 2: Solve The Puzzle Before Moving Forward 

Solve The Puzzle Before Moving Forward

Before players can move forward inside The Unknown Sanctuary Cavern, they must solve a puzzle by restoring three runes back into their rightful place. One of these mechanisms is behind a locked gate which blocks players from accessing them – but don't worry! It's not as hard as it seems; just follow these steps carefully.

Step 3: Entering Closed Gate in A Lamenter At Fate’s End Quest

To unlock this locked gate inside The Unknown Sanctuary Cavern for A Lamenter At Fate's End quest in Genshin Impact, simply do this: enter through the purple portal across the first rune mechanism, then transport yourself up on the roof with the room upside down. Pick up the second rune, then turn left and go upstairs. Use an open door mechanism that unlocks the gate previously locked. Return back through the purple portal & go upstairs on the right. 

Entering Closed Gate in A Lamenter At Fate’s End Quest

Enter the small room & claim Exquisite Chest before moving forward through the loot. Arrive at the third rune & glide down the door to place all three yellow runes on the floor (in the middle). Once done successfully, returning all three runes will solve the puzzle & trigger the cutscene. Drop back down to the first room to meet Cryo Abyss Lector. The fight commences, so make sure to bring a counter for a Cryo shield like Pyro/Electro.

Step 4: Collect All Chests Inside the Domain

In addition, in solving the puzzle of unlocking the closed gate, there are also several chests throughout the domain. Including Exquisite Chest behind said gate plus 3 Common Chests scattered around the area, including one near Door Resurrection, revisited during the Lector fight note that cannot be revisited like the first chest. Take loot before continuing. Another Common Chest easily misseses walking past, entering the second purple portal. Final Common Chest obtainable after fight open large door not present upon revisit. Follow Eide and collect the last chest.

Collect All Chests Inside the Domain


That concludes our step-by-step guide on how to continue exploring unknown sanctuary domains inside Genshin Impact! With help following the above steps should have no problem navigating the way while claiming any remaining loot along the way until you eventually reach the endgame content currently available game enjoy adventure, everyone!