The 2023 DICE Awards Finalists Are Here – A Closer Look

Camden Price


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Over the years, the annual D.I.C.E awards have become gaming's version of the Academy Awards - a ceremony that honors video games and their creators for their outstanding achievements in interactive entertainment. Now, the finalists for DICE 2023 have been revealed, with some expected heavy hitters as well as a few surprises thrown in for good measure! Let's take a closer look at this year's nominees. 

There is no shortage of big names among this year’s nominees; Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok have dominated several categories between them, so they are likely to be among the winners of the top awards come February. While these titles may be no surprise to many fans, there is also an underdog game that has made its way into contention - Vampire Survivors is nominated for Game of the Year at this year’s awards! It’s refreshing to see an indie title make it into such a prestigious category alongside some much larger productions from industry giants such as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft Studios. 

This isn’t just great news for Vampire Survivors' developers; it demonstrates how far indie games have come over recent years too! The last generation saw smaller studios really begin to find footing within mainstream gaming circles thanks largely to ever-improving digital distribution platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store making getting their titles out there easier than ever before.

Something which can only be seen as hugely beneficial for both gamers who want access to more varied content but also those smaller studios who simply don't have enough resources or networks available to get their games noticed on physical store shelves or otherwise beyond niche audiences like those found on Twitch streams or forums dedicated solely towards indie content creation. So congratulations should go out to individual teams working tirelessly behind each nominee and to those leading community members that offer support through testing and feedback early on in production cycles too!