Star Citizen's Latest Update is an Embarrassment for Developers and Players Alike

Camden Price


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Games (CIG) have been in development for many years. Last week, CIG released its biggest update yet, promising to bring a level of persistence that had been promised since the Kickstarter days. Unfortunately, this launch has been anything but successful, and players are frustrated with constant errors and a lack of access.

On Sunday morning UTC, CIG advised players that they would experience periods of extreme difficulty getting into the game due to an influx of errors from the 19k, 30k, and 60k ranges. The game was then taken offline on Monday for maintenance to be done on its Persistent Entity Streaming Infrastructure (PESI). Despite this effort, however, four days later, the issues remain unresolved, with players still having difficulties logging in or accessing certain features, such as hailing ATC or using their inventory.

This launch fiasco could not have come at a worse time for CIG, who was already facing criticism over their handling of other recent issues, such as microtransactions and power creep within ships. Adding further embarrassment are complaints by some users who have accused developers of not properly testing new updates before releasing them – something which has only served to compound player frustrations even more so than usual.

In response to these criticisms, developer Sandi Gardiner took it upon herself to address these concerns directly during a recent live-streaming event where she assured fans that “the team is working hard around the clock” but admitted, “it’s going slower than we intended." She went on further to state, "We are striving towards maximum stability when launching any feature."


With no end in sight yet for these persistent problems, it remains unclear how long players will be forced to wait before being able to access all aspects of Star Citizen again without fear of frustration or technical difficulties impacting gameplay experiences. While CIG continues working hard behind the scenes, it remains up to fans whether they choose to believe in their promises or not – especially given how badly botched this latest update's launch turned out, unfortunately.