Resident Evil 5 Finally Removes Games for Windows Live, Restores Splitscreen

Camden Price


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Admittedly, it’s taken Capcom long enough, but they’ve finally released an update for the Steam version of the 2009 classic Resident Evil 5. The main purpose of the update? To remove the problems caused by the now defunct Games for Windows Live service. A service that had been causing issues with player data and, unfortunately, had disabled one of the game’s key features: split-screen co-op.

Resident Evil 5 was the first game in the franchise to feature co-op and that’s what made it stand out from its predecessors. Not only was playing the game with a buddy one of the most fun experiences, but the game did not stint on the action. This was the game in which Chris punches back boulders, and you take down the final boss with a rocket in a volcano, among other crazy scenarios. 

For a fan-favorite game like Resident Evil 5 to suffer the loss of features due to a poorly functioning service was unfortunate. It’s why some fans continue to have a sour opinion of the game, but removing this service is a major step in restoring the game to its original glory.

It’s definitely worth playing the game in co-op. Not only is it funny and great fun, but also the experience is entirely different from when playing alone. This new update to remove Games for Windows Live and restore split-screen co-op may offer the chance to shore up fans’ dissatisfaction with the game. 

All in all, Capcom’s update to Resident Evil 5 is long overdue but extremely important. It means players can finally experience the game as it was meant to be played and burn through insane boss battles and hilarious scenarios with a friend. It also means that fourteen years after its original release, the game can finally be restored to its former glory.