Microsoft Build Returns: A Comprehensive Developer Conference with Pre-Day Workshops

Camden Price


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Microsoft is gearing up for an exciting Build 2023 conference, set to take place from May 23rd through 25th. With a blend of both digital and in-person experiences, this year’s event promises to bring Microsoft developers and technology professionals closer together than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about attending this year’s Microsoft Build 2023.

Attending Microsoft Build in person requires registration and payment while attending digitally is free of charge. The main event will run from May 23rd through 25th, with pre-day workshops on the 22nd. While at the event, attendees can expect to watch live keynotes, attend interactive sessions with Q&A opportunities, join other virtual experiences such as demos or webinars, and more!

In addition to learning more about Windows products like Office 365 or Azure Cloud Services during the event itself, attendees will have access to exclusive content, including developer resources and hands-on labs hosted by experts across Microsoft teams worldwide. These offerings are designed for all skill levels – from beginner coders just starting out their careers in coding or engineering fields all the way up to seasoned professionals looking for ways to stay ahead of trends in technology development.

For those interested in attending virtually rather than paying for an expensive ticket to Seattle, there are still plenty of opportunities available online that don't require additional fees – just a computer with an internet connection! There'll be plenty of content delivered directly by Microsoft experts, which can be watched live or on-demand later on at any time convenient for viewers through their own devices. Plus, many webcasts offer additional materials like slideshows that can help supplement participants' understanding even further after they watch it live!

Ultimately it looks like this year's edition of Microsoft Build is going be jam-packed full of exciting announcements, interesting insights emerging technologies – all delivered by expert speakers and engaging activities! So whether you're interested in learning about upcoming products and services, taking part in lab sessions joining conversations and discussion boards, don't miss out on time. Grab your ticket today and get ready for what should surely be one of the most memorable gatherings yet!