GTA 5 Reclaims Top Spot in European Sales Charts, Defying Age and Competition

Camden Price


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Despite being released nearly a decade ago, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) has once again ascended to the top of European game sales charts. Launched in 2013, the action-adventure game continues to captivate gamers and record impressive sales, as demonstrated by its recent performance in the European market.

Even though the game has sold over 175 million copies globally across all platforms, European gamers continue to purchase GTA 5. This surge in interest has been attributed to the summer sales on PlayStation and Xbox in July, according to a report by This sales boost did not only favor GTA 5 but also played a significant role in pushing another title from Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2, to claim the third spot in the European sales charts.

In the competitive gaming landscape, FIFA 23 managed to secure the second spot in sales, while Diablo IV took the fourth position. Also performing well in July was Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry Potter-themed title by Warner Bros. It secured the fifth spot, followed by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

According to Gamesindustry, the highest new entry in the charts was Pikmin 4, which landed at number 11. However, it should be noted that Nintendo does not publicly share its digital download figures. Therefore, Pikmin 4's position might be even higher if digital downloads were taken into account.

Despite the age of GTA 5, its success in the European market is a testament to the game's enduring popularity and Rockstar's ability to create timeless classics. The game's recent performance in the European sales charts shows that even after almost a decade, Rockstar's masterpiece can still hold its own against newer, high-profile releases. As the gaming world continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see if GTA 5 can maintain its remarkable staying power.

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