Exciting Upcoming Reveal by Paradox Interactive

Camden Price


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Paradox Interactive, the well-known game developers and publishers, have recently partnered up with Microsoft and will be hosting a game show in early March to announce several new games and four DLCs. This will be an exciting event and a great opportunity to see what the studio has been developing and preparing for us. 

The upcoming game show will feature several new titles developed by studios that have already gained recognition in the gaming community. One of these games will be created by Harebrained Schemes, a studio well-known for developing such games as the Shadowrun trilogy and BattleTech. In addition, the game show will also include a project from the creators of Cities: Skylines, Colossal Order. Though the studio did reveal that they were working on something back in mid-2021, no details have been given yet. Lastly, the game show will also be announcing a debut title from Paradox Tectonic, a studio led by Rod Humble, who has worked on, among other things, The Sims 2.

The game show will be a great opportunity for players to get a first look at what these developers have been working on. Furthermore, the event will also showcase playable demos, which will give the players the chance to get hands-on experience with the games and be among the first to play them.

Moreover, Paradox Interactive has also promised more surprises for the upcoming event, including more game announcements and special guest appearances. This all adds up to an exciting upcoming event and it will surely be worth keeping an eye on.

All in all, the upcoming game show by Paradox Interactive is definitely something to be looking forward to. The studio has already promised a lot of exciting new titles and experiences, and we’re sure that they will live up to their promise. With playable demos, new games, and special guests, the event has something to offer everyone.