Everything We Know About Messaging Features in iOS 14

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Apple's iOS 14 brings many improvements to the Messages app, including a new style of Memoji, improved group chats, and more. Let's take a closer look at the new messaging features of the legendary Apple OS.

Minimalistic and Functional

With messages in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, Apple aims to make things more organized and expressive. There are group chats, pinned chats, and message threads that make your screen look more orderly.
Message threads now can be pinned right when opening the app. Swipe from left to right and tap to pin up to nine conversations to the Messages app's top. When messages are pinned, they are always at hand, right at the top. They also have cute animations when someone sends you a message, from a group or from just one person. It will even show a preview of the message around their image before clicking on it.

We've also got three new Memoji stickers in iOS 14. These additions include hugs, punching, and blushing, joining a huge list of others that Apple has kept adding over the years. As for the Memoji style, we have some new design options.

There are more than 16 new headwear on the market, including a prom, swimming, nursing, and bicycle helmet. There are also face mask options in various colors, nine age options, and new hairstyles such as men's bun, top knot, and simple side piece.

Group chats are popular in any messaging app, including iMessage. But they can easily get you confused and fill your phone with unnecessary notifications. In iOS 14, group chats now contain mentions and multi-threaded replies to help you find a needed message quickly and easily.

Mentions in Messages

To mention someone, just enter their name, and it will be highlighted. Click on the highlighted name, and a bubble will appear above the contact you are trying to mention. Click on this bubble, and you are ready to go. When the conversation is off, you will still receive notifications when someone mentions you by name.

iOS 14 Messanger

The threaded answers are simple too. You can go back to any message, press and hold, and press Reply. Your recent reply will appear at the bottom of the chat as the most recent, but it will also show the original message in a smaller font on the left with a line connecting them. You can view it all from the main chat or click on the original message to see only replies.

Updates Across the Whole Ecosystem

While we're focused on iOS, Apple didn't stop there. Messages have been updated across the Apple ecosystem.

A major overhaul was done specifically for the macOS. There’s a new Catalyst-based app that provides message effects, Memoji, and all the other features you’ve already explored (multi-threaded replies, improved group conversations, and pinned topics). No matter where you use iMessage, Apple is committed to making it the best place to chat with friends. At least if they also have an iPhone.

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