Better Audio Control on Reels and Stories With Meta's Update

Camden Price


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Are you one of those people who often find themselves adjusting the volume on their phones due to inconsistent audio levels between each Reel or frame? It can be annoying and potentially embarrassing, but now, Meta is working to address the issue with their latest software update. 

The Meta Engineering blog, it’s outlined how it’s implemented a new type of audio encoding across Facebook and Instagram Reels and Stories. This new system, known as xHE-AAC, corrects for variable audio levels while also maximizing playback consistency. It works by synchronizing audio tracks with loudness levels ranging from silence to full scale while also managing the dynamics of each session to fit the playback environment. In simpler terms, this means no more ridiculously loud or soft audio playback. Plus, the system implements an adaptive bit rate playback, which will provide more stability in the playback, even in areas of low connectivity.

Overall, this audio update from Meta will provide a better, more reliable user experience on Stories and Reels. Not only will this save you from embarrassing yourself, but it will also ensure that you’re able to enjoy the content without having to constantly adjust the volume.

In conclusion, Meta’s new audio update will provide better audio control on Reels and Stories. Through the use of xHE-AAC and adaptive bit rate playback, users can now ensure that they have a consistent listening experience without having to worry about fumbling with the volume.