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Secret Neighbor is an entertaining horror game that was created by tinyBuild Games Studio in 2018. The game offers many exciting levels where you have to find the basement of your Neighbor. However, it is not easy to do due to various traps and the house's number of rooms. The game is available for download for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.  You should purchase the official version of the game before playing.

What Is the Game Goal?

Your mission is to sneak into your Neighbor's basement because the main hero saw the Neighbor carrying the kid there. However, the keys to the basement are required to unlock the door. You should sneak into the house and find the keys first. They can be located anywhere in the house. In addition, you need to avoid your Neighbor.

If the evil man sees you, the music will start playing. Your mission is to run away from the house or hide somewhere in the room. There is a chance that the Neighbor will put some traps on the place where he saw you. After you sneak into the basement, you need to explore many rooms and try to find certain evidence. It should be mentioned that there are many chapters. Each level will be different, and the house of the Neighbor will change.

Visual Effects of the Game

Secret Neighbor graphics look unusual for horror games. The picture is cartoonish and colorful. You can easily distinguish various objects and interact with them with the help of the related button. The animation is smooth. However, when you enter the basement, you will see that everything is dark there. The atmosphere of the game changes radically once you unlock the doors. It should be mentioned that you can always change the graphics quality in the game settings. You should do that in case you experience some performance issues.

Is it Hard to Play the Game?

Secret Neighbor controls are pretty straightforward and are similar to other first-person games. However, it might take some time to get used to the game physics. Nevertheless, it is really simple to play the game on the keyboard. In addition, you can connect the gamepad if you have one because the game fully supports this controller.

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  • Exciting gameplay
  • Many levels
  • Simple controls.


  • The game is not free to download
  • Graphics might be too cartoonish if you seek for a really scary game.

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