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Realm Royale is a strong contender to more mainstream battle royale titles like Fortnite and PUBG, mixing things up nicely with a simplified class-based system and players turning into chickens when they’re killed. While the emphasis in Fortnite and PUBG is literally the last man standing, Realm Royale’s class-based system incentivizes players to join teams and learn the abilities of each of the classes. Thus, instead of experience playing a huge part in your success, the game focuses on how well you understand the various classes and how other players may use them.

Features and Functions 

Realm Royale starts with players dropping onto an island to battle it out till the last man standing. Unlike the more traditional formats, Realm Royale lets you choose from among five classes when you start out, instead of simply having players scavenge and hunt for the best resources. Each class has its special abilities, two fillable weapon slots, and a movement ability that is unique to it. The class that you choose will ultimately depend on how you want to approach the game. 

The warrior is excellent for one-on-one battles and also as support for other teammates. He can heal over time and is also the best offense against targets if you want to weaken them quickly. The engineer provides defensive capabilities such as a shield and a healing totem but also possesses a firebomb which can do much destruction to your enemies.

The mage is offensive and through her fireball portions can cause much bulk destruction instead of single-shot offensives. The hunter and assassin can enter stealth mode during an attack, with the former being able to withdraw rapidly from skirmishes. The game makes much more sense if played with all five classes supporting each other; but in solo battles, you may want to go with the warrior or mage.


The massive open world of Realm Royale is hands down its best feature. There are numerous uniquely designed biomes which you can explore, each slightly better than the last. The game is colorful, and the graphics keep up in superb rhythm with the tempo of the action. The screen is well optimized to show your loot, and the maps are easy to follow. You can make cosmetic upgrades on character skins, which also refreshes the game. Another great thing about the game is how clean and intuitive the menus feel. The backdrops are beautiful, and it is an overall pleasant game to look at.


Realm Royale offers a refreshing take on a game genre that has of late become so heavily saturated with titles offering generic material. The class-based system also mixes things up in a fresh way as players can now have variety in their battles instead of only focusing on getting better skills individually. The only problem with the class system is that you’ll end up mostly choosing a warrior as he possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities. With a few tweaks to this system, Realm Royale stands as a strong contender to any other battle royale game produced so far. 

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