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There are over 35.000 indie games on Steam, so it’s incredibly challenging to find something really worthy there. Fortunately, some titles speak for themselves like Ravenfield by Johan Hassel. This first-person shooter incorporates teams of funny ragdoll soldiers and multiple game modes. Ravenfield is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The new free multiplayer add-on is available on Steam.

Features and Functions

Ravenfield was intended as a small parody of the Battlefield series by Electronic Arts. The original version offered players to take part in several single-player challenges that revolve around achieving high scores by defeating enemy teams or capturing checkpoints in linear levels similar to early Battlefield installments. In the single-player mode, you are free to customize levels and change the number of teammates and enemies. The quantity is limited only with the power of your computer’s hardware. You can even create a thousand of soldiers if you want.

The free multiplayer modification was developed by BlipBloop and brought many improvements to the game. Large scale battlegrounds are convenient for fighting teams of 10-20 players, while new ballistics make it easier to shoot over large distances. Infantry and vehicle support remained the same, but there are more types of vehicles now. The armory became much bigger as well. You can shoot several types of rifles, machine guns, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, and grenade launchers. The only inconvenience about the add-on is that it doesn’t have access to the Workshop, so you can’t create and upload your own levels to the system.


It’s very easy to recognize Ravenfield amongst other shooters because of its low-poly visuals. Hassel decided to make it as simple as possible, and it came out to be a good idea. There are 2 teams of blue and red soldiers with ragdoll physics and liters of paint inside instead of blood. Every accurate shot causes a burst of paint, which will make you feel happy.


Ravenfield is an awesome first-person shooter that features a strong vanilla feel and hilarious bugs. There’s almost nothing serious except the challenging gameplay that’s very close to early Battlefield and Call of Duty games. Don’t forget to try the free multiplayer add-on to unleash the potential of the franchise. You can purchase Ravenfield on Steam for a symbolic price.

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