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Review by Craig Cortez / 28 Mar 2023

Rating: 5
Author: DaystarGoodDay
Category: Action
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Welcome to our Guide, Super Meat Boy Forever is the best aplication for comprehensive guide to all the
The latest release in the iconic ten-year-old franchise, Super Meat Boy Forever is yet another punishingly difficult, action precision platformer. However, the game hasn't received much hype from marketing, and many fans who enjoyed the original assumed Super Meat Boy Forever to be a re-hash. However, this game is far more than just a remaster or re-release. As more fans of this iconic precision platformer catch wind of this new release, players are going to need some help with a few of the franchise's changes. With that being said, here are some tips and tricks for the videogame Super Meat Boy Forever.
One of Super Meat Boy Forever's Guide biggest changes compared to previous titles is that it is now an auto-runner similar to mobile games.

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