Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Overview Trailer Details Paper Form, Exploration, Combat, and More

Camden Price


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Nintendo recently unveiled a new overview trailer for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, revealing exciting features and gameplay mechanics prior to its launch. Your adventure begins when Mario receives an intriguing invitation from Princess Peach, beckoning him to discover a hidden treasure in Rogueport. However, events take a dramatic turn as Peach is captured by the nefarious X-Nauts, propelling Mario on a daring rescue mission. Players will also occasionally step into Peach's shoes, navigating her through escapades in X-Naut captivity.

In this unique adventure, Mario’s paper-like properties play a pivotal role, enabling him to slip into tight spaces or morph into a paper airplane to traverse vast expanses. The game retains its engaging, timing-based combat system, wherein players enhance their attacks by pressing a button just as the attack lands. Alongside using special abilities granted by equipping various badges, Mario will be joined by friends such as Goombella, who will contribute their unique skills to battles. Additionally, the game features an interactive audience that reacts to the performance of the player, influencing the gameplay dynamics.

The much-anticipated return of this classic will hit Nintendo Switch stores on May 23rd, while early reviews are expected by May 21st. Enthusiasts of the series and newcomers alike are keen to dive into this vibrant, paper-crafted world and uncover the secrets of The Thousand-Year Door.