Camden Price


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As Naughty Dog prepares for the release of the PlayStation 5 remaster of The Last of Us Part II, one of the game's senior character artists, Del Walker, has taken to social media to address the intensity of the new 'No Return' mode that will be accompanying the game. This mode is aimed at providing a heightened challenge and is not for the faint-hearted. Slated for release on January 19, the remaster is looking to add a fresh layer of thrills to the already critically acclaimed title.

The new 'No Return' mode is billed as a roguelike survival experience that will test players in uniquely demanding scenarios. Those choosing to brave this mode will encounter a multitude of characters, diverse and randomized environments, and a relentless array of enemies. Each playthrough promises a different arsenal of weapons, dynamic abilities, and potential handicaps, ensuring that no two experiences are the same.

Naughty Dog's latest video peek into this mode reveals more than just a conventional wave-based challenge. Players will be plunged into dimly lit, eerie settings where they'll need to outmaneuver and outlast a horde of menacing opponents, including formidable bosses with nightmarish designs.

Walker's commentary on social media suggests that even for those well-versed in survival games, 'No Return' is an ordeal meant to push players to their limits. With the remastered version of The Last of Us Part II on the horizon, gamers eager for a test of their mettle won't have long to wait to see if they can survive the merciless new mode that awaits them.